About Us

Cangzhou Kung Fu Academy

Cangzhou Kung Fu Academy is based in Sydney, Australia, operated by Master Mark Sun. We are an official branch of the Cangzhou Bajiquan Research Association, dedicated to the sharing, promotion and development of traditional Chinese martial arts in Australia. We are a proud member of the NSW Chin Woo Athletic Association and Kung Fu Wushu Australia.

Cangzhou, in Hebei Province, China, is recognised as one of the major birthplaces of Chinese Wushu (known as Kung Fu in the West) and many recognised martial arts “greats” can trace their lineage to Cangzhou: Huo Yuanjia, Li Shuwen, Huo Diange, Wang Ziping, Zhang Zhijiang, Wang Wu, Yan Zhongyi, Ding Faxiang, Wu Zhong, Guo Changsheng and so on.

Master Mark Sun

Master Sun & students – 2018 Chin Woo World Championships.

Shifu Mark Sun is an accredited Wushu instructor, born in Cangzhou City. He is an 8th generation Bajiquan practitioner, focussing on Bajiquan for 40 years and has been instructing for over 20 years. He began learning martial arts at 10 years of age, winning many medals in local and provincial competitions during his childhood. At university, he took part in Beijing University Union competitions, winning gold medals every year.

He continued his training following graduation in 1991, and began to teach his own students. In the 8th Cangzhou International Martial Festival Competition (2010), he achieved Men’s Gold placing for Bajiquan and Silver for Broadsword (dao). In the 9th Cangzhou Interntional Martial ArtsFestival Competition (2016), he won gold medals for both Lanshouquan and Bajiquan.

In 2018, he served as one of the New South Wales Team coaches for the 15th World Chin Woo Championships in Yuyao, China. In this competition, and the Huo Yuanjia Memorial Championships in Tianjin, three of his students achieved medal placings, bringing home three gold medals for Bajiquan.